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I’d love to come to your book club. If you’re in or near Mobile, AL, I can come in person. Otherwise, we can talk through Skype. Email me at to set something up.

Book Club Questions:

1. Are these men actually “ugly,” or does the book somehow challenge the notion of its own title?

2. What about “beauty”? How do the various stories define and/or characterize beauty?

3. What is the role of the three first-person pieces of flash fiction spread throughout the book? Is it the same person speaking in each of the three, or are these different people?

4. In what ways is the order of the stories significant? Does the book progress from one story to the next?

5. Is this a sexist book or is it a book with some sexist characters? What is the difference?

6. Does the cover convey the experience of reading the book? If so, how? If not, why not?

7. Some people have said that this book has given them insights into the male mind. Do you think that is valid? What insights into male thinking or male behavior has it given you?

8. Do you see hope by the end of the book? Why or why not?

9. Though the themes in the book are consistent, the stories themselves are very different from one another. One major point of distinction between one story and another is in the narrative voice that tells it. Pick a story and discuss how the voice shapes your reading experience.

10. Many of these stories end at moments of high tension, moments when a character is caught between possibilities. In these cases, do the stories give you, the reader, the information to figure out what is going to happen? Does what happens next matter? Pick a story and discuss.

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