The Beautiful Wishes of Ugly Men

Men attempt to negotiate between their baroque imaginations and the realities of their actual lives in a dark, comic, nuanced, sexed-up collection of stories that might be offensive if it didn’t feel so true.

“Women can learn more from these stories than from thousands of issues of Cosmopolitan.”
-Ellen Gilchrist, author of Victory Over Japan and Nora Jane

“These stories scared the hell out of me.”
-Brad Watson, author of Aliens in the Prime of their Lives

“. . . a writer who understands the intimacy of violence and the
violence of intimacy, a writer you read again and again and
-Bret Anthony Johnston, author of Corpus Christi

“. . . dangerous as a knife fight.”
-Michael Knight, author of The Typist

New interview here from Chapter 16! Adam Prince Considers Male Psyche

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Review by Dallas Woodburn at Sycamore Review

“. . . building to a bittersweetly charged final moment that left me with both tears and goosebumps—and made me want to immediately turn back to the first page of the collection and read the whole thing again!”

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Review at Publishers Weekly

“Prince’s stories are both entertaining and insightful, set among strip clubs and marital malaise . . .”

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Review by Curtis Dawkins at Bull

“I read one, sometimes two of these before sleep, and every night there was a whole little world I had entered and lived in for thirty minutes or an hour, then exited a different person. It’s very satisfying, complete experience and Prince makes it a lot of fun.”

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Review by Thomas Michael Duncan at Pank

“Prince offers these men in a way that demands sympathy. Despite unforgivable faults, it is hard not to identify with these men, even to love them.”

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Review by David Rice at The Rumpus

“Unable to bear the pressure of wanting everything, they try to convince themselves that happiness means living with less than enough.”

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Review by Nancy Freund at Necessary Fiction

“Prince has a way of describing the truth behind the faces people put on that draws these characters close.”

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Review by Renée K. Nicholson at the Los Angeles Review

“And if they aren’t able to live up to the beautiful wishes of better selves, they do strive for a more precarious balance with peace and intimacy.”

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Review by Jeremy Griffin at Corduroy Books

“And to be sure, it is this sense of control that makes these stories so engaging; even instances of humor, like those in “Tranquility,” are tinged with threat, a haunting reminder of the close relationship between laughter and fear.”

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Review by Michael Ray Taylor at Chapter 16

“In the end, his men are believable, fallible humans who, no matter how low they fall, reveal an ennobling dignity.”

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Review by Grady Harp at Literary Aficionado

“Probably the thing that is frightening about reading these stories, as a man, is that someone is unafraid to let the secrets out. Or maybe it is just that Adam Prince is just so damn gifted that he makes you wonder why other authors don’t pull these response from you. Read these stories.”

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Review by David Abrams at The Quivering Pen

“Adam Prince’s collection of short stories promises to keep us on edge, emotionally itchy–like sitting on an old sofa with a broken spring poking into our thigh.”

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