Editorial Services


I’ve been teaching and writing for over fifteen years and have a keen eye for storytelling. I offer feedback for creative writing at any stage of the process, from early ideas, to revision, to line editing. My emphasis is on story in all its varieties. That can be flash fiction, short stories, novellas, novels as well as screenplays for TV and movies. My feedback is honest and clear, with an emphasis on reading through to where a story needs to go—what it wants to be.

I can also work with you on poetry, creative nonfiction and anything in between. To my thinking, the mode of a piece is just another decision we make as writers. And sometimes, the reason a given piece of writing isn’t working as well as it could is because it’s a short story that needs to be a poem, a poem that needs to be an essay, a piece of flash fiction that needs to be a novel and so on.

I’m happy to work with you on short pieces as well as longer, whether you’re writing to publish or to apply to an MFA program. And I welcome genre work of any variety.

Above all things, my goals are 1) to make your writing stronger 2) to help you become the kind of writer you want to be. In keeping with that, my feedback is honest and clear. I’m here to offer solutions.

I charge $75 an hour. I can usually read and comment on a single short story in the space of an hour or two, but it depends on your needs.

Initial consultations are free. So send me an email at adambprince@gmail.com, and we’ll arrange a time to talk about where you want to go from here.